Our boys

Our boys
Duke and Cash

Monday, March 12, 2012

Catching up

I have needed to update this. Its sad to say that I forgot I was doing a blog. I need to also train our parents on how they can get to this blog, since most of the time, its a lengthy convo or a check into Facebook.

So- I last left off when we were moving into our new house. We are getting settled in and really like being here. Graham and his Dad worked tirelessly on the pool and now have it up and running! Yea! On the downside, its not too warm outside, but at least we will be ready when it does warm up.

The latest and greatest news is that we are getting closer to expanding our family. We have an OBGYN that we love at Kasier, and we are planning on doing IUI in April. All of our tests came back great, and so we are OVER-THE-MOON excited!

Fingers crossed!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Summer is finally here

Summer in Atlanta is finally here. And I am not saying finally as in I was looking forward to it. No no. The exact opposite exactly. I wish it were fall time. Today's weather is 90 and very humid. Thunder storms are coming our way.

There is nothing new in the Mather household. Graham and I are getting ready to make some improvments to our house. Adding tile where some of the carpet is, because our sons (Duke and Cash) like to bring their beloved dirt inside, and the GA red clay does not come out of our carpets easily. In addition to that, we are re-doing our backyard. Adding a designated space for them and making our little area ready for lots of summer BBQ's.

Next month, We are planning to go home for a bit (San Diego) and visit everyone. I am really looking forward to this trip, since I have not been home in almost a year. It will be nice to get away from this weather and the drama that is filling one very specific area of my life. :-)

I hope that everyone is having a nice summer, and I hope to see you soon!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Day

Today is round two of our snow day here in Cumming GA. Who in the world would have ever thought that it snows here in GA? I guess I was just ignorant and thought that the south was hot and humid all the time. My bad. Perhaps living in CA for so long, sort of had me thinking that every other place in the world stayed pretty much the same tempreture all year long. Anyways, back to our second day of being trapped inside of the house. We woke up this morning and found that Cash Aka Bilo, had messed his cage again. Graham and I are fed up with him. We have had him a year and he still cannot get the concept that you need to go to the bathroom outside. Ho Hum, Looks like we will have to bring him to the humane society. I am sure there are some of you that wouldn't mind if your pet did this over and over again. But we spend too much on our home to have it smell like a pet store.

So today, Graham and I will spend the day staring at our laptops and hanging out in our Pajama's. Followed up by perhaps a snowball fight and a morning workout.

Thought for the day: Millionaire Matchmaker men, You are looking for serious love, yet these women have not ever approached you in the club, starbucks, or any other place for that matter. And they are only interested in you for your money. You couldn't get that 110lb blonde to love you when you were broke and probably wont have much luck when you are rich. Im just saying.....

And of course, as some of you know. I wake up every morning, thinking of a place in my beloved Cali, Today's place is Solana Beach Ca (Shown Above) Where I could hang out with Moo, walk to get some Mexican Mocha coffee and visit all of the shops on Cedros.

Have a great day!